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Change your mind and your life will change too.

The title to this post is similar to the title of one of my books written a few years ago. The exact title of that book is: Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow. It was a book of 12 simple principles that had the capacity to make a […]

Getting grounded again.

It always takes some time to get grounded when I move from Naples in the winter to MN in the summer. I have made this trip back and forth for nearly 30 years, which actually means about 60 trips. Egads! But Joe and I consider ourselves extremely lucky that we […]

Hello again. Please forgive me for my absence.

I have been absent for quite a spell. Life got in the way, not necessarily the better parts of life. In my last post I shared that I had just had a hip replacement, actually hip revision, a redo of one that was done 19 years ago. And now, 8 […]

I have not reached perfection but progress has been made.

I am talking, of course, about my recovery from hip surgery. It was a month ago this coming Friday that I went under the knife. The surgeon said he was amazed I was still walking prior to surgery. It was with great pain, I assured him. I had been getting […]

Curve balls come in spite of us.

It’s hard to believe, as I hobble around on a cane these days, that I was golfing three times a week, doing yoga twice a week and an exercise class twice a week too, just over a month ago in Naples. Our return to Minnesota for the summer has presented […]

My retreat at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center:

The Journey to Peace Is a Daily Commitment  7 p.m., Friday, July 28–noon, Sunday, July 30, 2017. This retreat focuses on the Twelve Step tools we have all come to embrace, enhanced by basic principles from A Course in Miracles. Peace is the ultimate goal of the course, and peace […]

Back in MN. May 23rd. Rain and more rain. . .Occasional sun.

Dear friends. How glad I am that at least some of you have weathered the storms with me these last few months. Along with being off the grid as far as my website has been concerned, I have been a bit out of sync with much that has always kept me […]

Time is slipping through my fingers. Once again.

Perhaps it’s simply a sign of old age. Mondays quickly become Fridays. My “to do” list gets longer and longer and fewer things get checked off. And right now, I am actually not as busy as in the months that have recently passed. As of this past Saturday, I have […]

Tools for practicing detachment:

When others begin to bother you, change your focus. Are you making someone else’s business yours? Keep everyone outside of your hula hoop. A test for whether or not you are detached: are you being judgmental? If you are feeling victimized, you are enmeshed. Are you letting someone else define […]

“Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.”

I’m sure this quote by Buddah isn’t an unfamiliar idea.  Perhaps you didn’t attribute it to him but undoubtedly you have heard an idea similar to this uttered many times over your life.  It’s a popular notion among psychologists and psychiatrists.  Gurus of the self-help movement have relied on it […]