I have not reached perfection but progress has been made.

I am talking, of course, about my recovery from hip surgery. It was a month ago this coming Friday that I went under the knife. The surgeon said he was amazed I was still walking prior to surgery. It was with great pain, I assured him. I had been getting pain blocker shots over the winter while in Naples. They served me well, in many respects. I moved with relative ease; I played golf 3 times a week; I did yoga twice a week and an exercise class too. Little did I know that I was making a bad hip far worse.

This hip was initially replaced 18 years ago. I am hopeful that I will never have a problem with it again in this lifetime. Speaking of lifetime, I will turn 78 this coming Tuesday. 78!!!!!  I can hardly believe it. The years don’t wait for us. I can promise you.

I have never been greatly focused on age, mine or any one else’s. The only birthday in my past that troubled me was age 46. It felt like the second half of life had begun and it would be a downhill slide. It has not felt like a downhill slide. In fact, most of the meaningful work I have done in this lifetime has happened since turning 46. I was forty years old when I wrote Each Day A New Beginning, and 28 books have been plucked out on the computer since then. No downhill slide for me.

However, I am slowing down. I can feel the draw to do less, to commit to fewer deadlines, to even say “no” on occasion. Pausing before always saying “yes” is relatively new behavior. And it actually feels good. I’m not sure I really do all that much less but I am taking some time to consider whether I want to make a commitment before putting it in my calendar. Bravo for me.

I have a pretty full calendar for the remaining months of 2017 but nothing has gone on my calendar for 2018. I am considering another book. In fact, I am pretty certain I will begin writing sometime this fall, but for now, just hanging out, counting my blessings, enjoying the antics of my yellow lab, Nellie; and trying to live a more simple life, moment by moment, is what keeps calling to me.

I remember when I first read The Power of Now. I was blown away. Now, trying to experience it, even occasionally, is what I am focused on doing. Not a bad way to live.



  1. Karen, I keep checking your website. Hope you are well.


    • Hi Mary,
      I am okay but have had a few set backs over the last year and a half. Old arthritic joints have resulted in surgeries. And then cancer followed by a bad infection. And then glaucoma surgery. I say enough!! All is well now though. Glad you are keeping tabs on me though. I actually write Facebook posts every two or three weeks. Look for those.

  2. Marin Shanley says:

    Karen…You shouldn’t, of course, feel obligated to write an entirely new blog post, but I’m sure that your other readers join me in wanting to hear news of you. How are you getting along? Please let us know.


  3. Wonderful thoughts, Karen. Your words inspire me, as I recover from a second cancer and its treatment, and they help me realize that so very much is ahead, if I take it a day at a time…or “moment by moment.”

    Congratulations on your 78 years!! I hope that the upcoming ones will be fulfilling and most joyful!


    • You are in my prayers, Marin. Indeed, none of us has more than this one moment that is staring us i the face right now. There is great peace in that awareness, when I remember it.


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