Curve balls come in spite of us.

It’s hard to believe, as I hobble around on a cane these days, that I was golfing three times a week, doing yoga twice a week and an exercise class twice a week too, just over a month ago in Naples. Our return to Minnesota for the summer has presented me with unexpected challenges. I knew my hip was going to have to be addressed. I just didn’t count on the experience I am having now.

Bodies change but minds aren’t always able to adjust to the changes very quickly. Woe is me. I have written in many books that we are always prepared for any change that comes long. LOL. I’m not so sure I agree with that now.

The hip surgery is scheduled for next week and I hope to be back to my normal activities soon. Being compromised, as I am, is not pleasant. Curve balls are seldom absorbed very quickly, regardless of their nature, but I honestly do believe they serve a purpose. For one thing, they slow us down. I need some slowing down. And they just might invite us to turn to our Higher Power for acceptance of a situation we simply have no control over. I can never turn to my Higher Power too much.

I was told a long time ago that acceptance is the answer to all that troubles me. And having a bum hip is mild compared to the struggles that so many have. I’m reminded of my friend, Mary, who has an incredibly positive attitude in spite of the fact that her life changed completely following an automobile accident a few years ago. She scurries everywhere in a motorized wheel chair. Without a whimper! What a role model.

Being in an environment where hip surgery is possible, having a husband who is a terrific human being and my dog, Nellie, who is like no other adds up to a very sweet life, in spite of the inconvenient circumstance of impending surgery. Really, it’s ridiculous to complain, honestly ridiculous.

I want to get back to the topic of acceptance, however. It really is the ultimate solution for peace of mind. When I remember, regardless of where I am or what’s going on, that I am ALWAYS in the perfect place at the perfect time and that ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE, in that moment, I breathe a sigh of relief. I know that whatever is transpiring is what is next on my specific calendar of life events.

Isn’t it a sweet set of beliefs that guide us when we have decided to travel a spiritual path? I don’t need to fret. Ever. I don’t need to doubt. Ever. I don’t need to worry. Ever. My Higher Power is present to guide me, and comfort me, and remind me that nothing is happening that wasn’t determined long ago as specifically necessary to my particular journey. All I have to do is “go along with program.”

You know the same is true for you.



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