“Wow!” supposedly was the final utterance of Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, according to his wife.  Whether that’s true or not, I choose to believe it.  The affirmation that there is something beyond this world, something worthy of a wow, pleases me.  I already believed it but we seldom get a message that so clearly affirms that there is something more.  I hope that when I pass over, I’m just as inclined to say wow.

But it’s this life that needs our “Wows” now.  And there are myriad situations every day that are worthy of a wow.  The “accidental” meeting of someone new, for example, someone who had the very piece of information we were seeking. I used to wonder how he or she showed up at just the right time.  Now I know. There are no accidental meetings.  Ever.  We initiated every encounter we have had here, in these skins, before we woke up in this life.

To some of you this may sound ludicrous.  It did to me too, initially. But it was a good friend who said she believed this was how life unfolded. ( Actually, I secretly thought she was a bit kooky).  And then I read Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contracts.  While reading that book my doubts dissolved.  Even though I often still forget that life is unfolding perfectly, it doesn’t take me long to get back on track.  And trusting this idea as truth has made every experience at the very least, more tolerable, if not always pleasant.  Not every lesson in life is pleasant.  But every lesson is necessary.

Everyone of you reading this can no doubt name any number of “lessons”over the years that you didn’t much like.  But every one of the lessons moved you forward in your life plan, didn’t it?  My first marriage comes to mind.  Even though neither Bill nor I were good partners to each other, I don’t doubt the necessity for our marriage.  My experiences with him lead me not only from Indiana to Minnesota, but to graduate school where I attained a PhD.   The icing on the cake was that I ended up in Alcoholics Anonymous too.  The rest is history, as they say.

My life’s work was the natural outgrowth of all that happened before.  Just in the nick of time I showed up exactly where I always needed to be.  Fancy that!  But don’t think for a minute that it happened only to me.  Wherever you are right now, is exactly where you need to be.  Whomever you journey with presently, you have “called” them to you.  And where your travels take you tomorrow follows this same pattern too.  Relax.  Your life is under control.  Every moment!  Enjoy the dance!  You might as well.



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