We are always at the right place at the right time.

This isn’t a new idea. I have written about it before.  So have hundreds of other writers too, no doubt. It’s an idea we also hear in meetings. And it’s one of those ideas that gives me a moment to pause and feel grateful, as well as relieved, so very often. Just knowing that this journey we share is “divine,” allows me to trust whatever may be happening.

I have begun writing another book. This follows on the heals of Living Long, Living Passionately, which was just released September 1 on amazon and in book stores. I know, without a doubt, that both books, in fact every book I have written since my first one, Each Day A New Beginning which was published in 1982, were “assignments” from God to me. And I have thoroughly enjoyed every assignment.

The book I am writing now is related to A Course in Miracles, which all of you know I have been a student of for more than three decades. Because I love the course, with as much passion as I love AA and Al-Anon, heading to my computer every morning feels like a blessing. I have absolutely no doubt, what so ever, that God is guiding my every word. That makes “this job” a real plum!

You may be reading this and thinking, “But I don’t really like my job. How can this be my destiny?” My response to any who have that doubt still remains the title of this post: We are always at the right place at the right time. Perhaps it is getting close to the time that another opportunity will call out to us, but nonetheless, there are no mistakes in God’s plan. Unexpected opportunities, once in a while, even an occasional detour; but we will always end up being exactly where we need to be. And on time too!

I am so comforted by the idea that “I am being led.” I feel pretty sure you are being led too. We may not like all the “stopping off places,” but each one of them is offering us a lesson we need to get to the next juncture of our journey. If you doubt the accuracy of this, just take a moment to reflect on what experiences you have already lived that surprised you at the time, maybe even angered you. But look at how they have added to where you are at this very moment. Nothing in our lives, nothing at all, was superfluous. We needed every encounter, every experience, every stumbling block to become who we are now. Today!

Let’s pause and be grateful.





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