Our need for one another is what heals us. . .

Admitting our vulnerability, dare I say fear and feelings of inadequacy, is what opens the door to our healing.  Of this I am certain.  And yet, we all know folks who simply can’t “go there.”  And each of us has been one of those people in the past.  Maybe the very recent past, in fact.  There is no shame in that.  It’s so very human of us to want to appear to be different than we really are, particularly if we think the stakes are high. And there is no shame in that either.  Being human isn’t all that easy at times.

I have talked about my emotional roller coaster ride in many earlier posts.  For my entire life, I have experienced this “particular thrill” on so many occasions.  Even in childhood, my emotions were up and down.  Throughout my teens and into my twenties and thirties, I rode the roller coaster a lot.  And then the program found me.  And I in turn, found a Higher Power.  I thought my ups and downs were going to be over, but I learned differently.  I struggled in the early years of recovery to maintain that connection to the Higher Power Who had unexpectedly visited me in the early days.

Why I lost the connection I’ll never know.  But it came and went. And came and went again.  The upside of “my ride,” is that I turned to writing as a way to strengthen the connection.  In the act of sitting quieting, He seemed to speak to me and the connection would be made once again.  Some would say “the rest is history.”  My body of written work, totaling 29 books, has been the result of my continual need to strengthen the connection.  What a journey mine has been.  What a journey.

The biggest gift of all, of course, is that I met all of you on this journey.  All of you and literally millions of other folks too, according to the combined sales of my books.  Did I have any idea what was in store for me?  Of course not.  None of us ever really knows, do we?  I’d venture to say we all wish we knew exactly what was in store for us.  But we get, instead, exactly what we need.  One moment at a time.  One nudge at a time.  One experience at a time.  One lesson at a time.  But what comes too, each and every time, is a message from our Higher Power that everything is okay.  Our lives are wending their way forward at the perfect trajectory, headed to the perfect point where we will meet the next perfect person who has been waiting to know us.

Welcome to the journey.  The one selected specifically for each of us.  What a trip we are on.  Praise be to God.


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