Some suggestions for creating an interesting day, every day. . .

1.  Look carefully at all the people you interact with over the next few days.  Take a moment at the end of each day and write down some reasons you think certain people crossed your path.

2.  The people who trigger anger in us are teaching us the most, some would say.  If this is true, what have you recently learned and how has your world view changed?

3.  Some one who disagrees with you is giving you an opportunity to broaden your mind or make the choice to remain quiet.  Have you experienced either response recently?  Write in your journal how it felt.

4.  Hope is contagious.  Make a note of every time you perceive it in others for even a day.  How does that recognition change you?  Share your feelings about this with a friend, in your journal, or in a conversation with your “god.”

Do any one of these once or twice a day and see how your personal world changes.


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