What needs our attention comes calling. . .

The title of this post can mean many things, I suppose.  In actuality, I do think that whatever tugs at your mind, regardless of who you are and where you are in your life, is the next thing that should get your attention.  This is true if you are sitting at your desk at work or reading an email from a friend who is seeking your counsel.  I have come to believe, emphatically, since embarking on this spiritual journey, that the “God” of my understanding is always in charge of whatever is trying to get my sincere attention.

We all have people we need to meet, and work we have been born to do so that we don’t really have a lot of time to waste.  And there are simply no superfluous people on our paths.  Honest!  Whoever you are meeting or hearing from are divinely present.

Some of you may not believe that.  Neither did I when a sponsor told me that in early recovery.  And then I began to “review” all the people who had been part of my journey.  I made a list of all the things I had been introduced to because of those “chance encounters.”  And then I took careful note of what all I had learned as a result of all the experiences I had had.  Everyone of them had added to whom I had become.  I could see, with willingness, that not one of the people or experiences were irrelevant.  Not one!

In case you are feeling a bit suspect about what I am proposing, perhaps you will want to make an inventory like I did.  What experience have you had that taught you nothing?  And who have you met that offered you nothing?  Remember, not everything we receive from others feels good in the moment.  Sometimes our lessons seem harsh initially.  But they moved us forward.  Everyone of them.  I used to think the divorce from my first husband was the worst thing that could ever have happened.  And guess what?  His leaving ultimately led me into the rooms of AA and the rest of my journey as a writer followed.  Was that pain irrelevant?  I think not.

What has most recently “knocked” on your door, seeking attention or counsel?  Did you welcome it?  Or were you resistant because you were tired or out of sorts?  Sometimes I can feel myself not wanting to be there for someone.  But when I reach down inside and pull up the willingness, I walk away a bit more healed.  Always.  Does that sound familiar to you?

Let me close by saying that whomever comes calling is there to heal you.  And you are there to offer healing too.  That’s a promise you can take to the bank.  May you be at peace as you greet whomever is coming your way.



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