Breathe when "your plate" is over-flowing. . .

I have been extremely busy lately doing what I love doing; however, being “on the treadmill” without taking time to breathe, to rest, to pray, isn’t healthy.  For me or any one.

For a number of week ends I have been on the road leading workshops, an activity that absolutely thrills me, filling me up with hope and spiritual connection.  But I must retreat to the quiet space in my mind to reconvene a conversation with God as I understand him when I get home.  It’s in my walks, my meditations, my “conversations” while working on a book that I most easily access God’s presence.  Then I know that all is well.

Being on a spiritual path certainly makes all things survivable, even though not necessarily understandable.  With gratitude I cherish the awareness that tomorrow or next week, what ever baffles me today will be made clear.  In the meantime all I need to do is breathe.  All any of us need to do is breathe.  God, as we understand him, does his best work when we take time away from the worries of life.  The solution we need can’t find us, if we are “in the way.”

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