Changing one’s focus can change one’s life. . .

I have needed to change my focus with great intention, lately.  That’s because I have been dealing with chronic pain for many months, for more than two years, actually.  And it may be a condition that will remain unchangeable.  I have not ignored the options for dealing with it.  I have received radio frequency ablation to no avail.  I have had many steriod shots too .  I have done physical therapy and acupuncture.  But the pain persists. My solution, today, is to place my attention on Spirit.  Not body.

What I am discovering is that changing my focus seems to be as effective as any shot I have received.  That’s the power of the mind.  It’s amazing, actually.  I had been wearing pain patches, on top of getting the shots.  To little or no avail.  Now I “switch off” the attention to the body and the pain and I feel unburdened by it. Unrestricted by it.  Truly free and relieved.  And finally hopeful.

We do underestimate the power of the mind.  Many spiritual “gurus” have been saying this for years.  I even wrote a book about it: Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow, a few years ago.  And still I was allowing my mind to hover over the pain for months.  Perhaps it becomes habitual.  We get lazy and just keep thinking and doing the same old things for months or years on end.  I have decided no more.  I must be free.  The rest of my life deserves what I was born to do and I’m certain I was not born to live in a state of pain.

I am not suggesting that “changing our mind” changes all of the conditions in our lives.  But it does change, (and I promise this), how we experience each moment of life and after all, that’s all we have: one moment at a time to live.  The moments are sacred so why would we want to give any of them over to a negative mind-set.

Being focused on any thing other than the moment we share with others means we are missing the spiritual opportunities that are being presented to us.  I have a long way to go,  just like many of you, no doubt, before I can truly say I feel the sacred moment and only that.  But I have a strong commitment to that shift in my perception because the pay-off is huge.

Give this a try, regardless of what is standing in the way of your peace.  Seek to experience the reality of Spirit and nothing more.  Just for a day. You will discover freedom and peace.  the peace that does pass all understanding.




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