The success of our relationships depends. . .

The success of our relationships often depends on our willingness to detach from the behavior of others.  How often have we thought, “If only he or she would . . . ”   I spent many years quite certain that if others would only change, I’d be happy, free from anxiety, content that the future would be all that I deserved.  Try as I did, I was not successful in getting others to change.  Nor did I even understand the concept of detachment.  And now I am relieved that I am no longer held hostage by such folly.

The burden of trying to be in control of the uncontrollable is heavy, indeed.  And the freedom one feels from letting go of that control is exhilarating.  How many hours or weeks or years have you allowed the behavior of others determine how you feel?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  But as with so many things, practice is necessary.

I spent years practicing before I got real relief.  I still get opportunities every day to detach from some one else’s behavior.  I am convinced that if some one is bugging me, it’s a lesson in detachment I need more practice with.  And now I can greet it with gratitude.


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