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Are you letting the moods of others control you?

It’s far too easy to get pulled off course, I think.  The myriad moods of the many people we encounter on a daily basis, if allowed to control how we feel in the moment, will keep us unsettled and unfulfilled for most of the day.  It’s no fun to live […]

The success of our relationships depends. . .

The success of our relationships often depends on our willingness to detach from the behavior of others.  How often have we thought, “If only he or she would . . . ”   I spent many years quite certain that if others would only change, I’d be happy, free from […]

Detachment is giving up outcomes. . .

Perhaps you have heard this wise phrase: “our job is the effort, not the outcome.” How often do we embrace it fully? Generally, we want to “secure” the result that we have imagined is the perfect one. And to do this, we assume we have to shepherd the project or […]