Your Experience, Strength and Hope

Let go is a constant assignment. Constant!

How little I understood the concept of “letting go” when I first saw the slogan: Let Go, Let God, on the wall of an Al-Anon meeting nearly forty years ago.  It sounded so simple.  I didn’t consider myself “attached” to any one or any thing.  In reality, my feelings, thus […]

Wilson House, here I come . . .

I am absolutely thrilled to have been invited to present a workshop at the Bill Wilson House in East Dorset, VT.  For one thing, I have never been to VT.  And secondly, I think I can safely speak for any one in AA when I say that to present a […]

2014! It came in a blink of the eye.

My husband and I relocated to Florida in January, 1991.  I had resigned from my job in July of 1990, freeing us to leave MN and head to a warm climate for the winter.  We chose Florida because I had a sister who lived here in the winter months too. […]

The holidays are edging closer and I’m thrilled about it.

I am often the only person in a collection of friends who is genuinely happy that Christmas is heading toward us, at full-speed.  I have loved every aspect of the holidays since childhood.  Is it because I grew up in a healthy, happy family?  Not really.  But we did seem […]

Hopelessness is not a mandatory condition. . .

WE NEVER NEED TO FEEL HOPELESS. ONE’S HIGHER POWER IS ALWAYS PRESENT. There are innumerable personal situations that can cause creeping hopelessness. You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with only months to live or a parent dies unexpectedly. Maybe your troubled teenager is on the run again and you […]

Getting unstuck, an idea that calls to many. . .

Getting Unstuck is the title of one of my newest books.  It’s a book that called to me.  Actually, I’d have to say that every book I have written, all 27 of them, called to me; but this one felt like the icing on the cake of how to live […]

Keep it simple.

I well remember when I first saw the slogan: keep it simple.  I couldn’t fathom what it actually meant.  My life was complicated.  And for good reason it was complicated.  I was in graduate school at the time and teaching at the University of Minnesota.  I was in and out […]

Take a moment to pause. . .

We celebrate Veteran’s Day annually but it’s far oftener that we should pay homage to those men and women who so willingly serve in some branch of the services to protect the rest of us.  Every moment of their deployment puts their life on the line and they do it […]

Loving what we do is the first, best step. . .

I’ve discussed topics similar to this before in blog posts, but something a friend said to me recently brought it to mind once again.  I could never have imagined as a child that I’d spend my life as I do.  I loved writing stories as a young girl in grade […]

Tune in whenever:

I invite each of you to enroll in my on-line course.  Tell your friends about it too.  I mentioned it on Facebook, tweeted it,  and in an earlier post, but decided it was good to mention it again because there is no “too late to enroll” when it comes to […]