2014! It came in a blink of the eye.

My husband and I relocated to Florida in January, 1991.  I had resigned from my job in July of 1990, freeing us to leave MN and head to a warm climate for the winter.  We chose Florida because I had a sister who lived here in the winter months too.  I’m still thrilled with this choice and feel even more committed to it as the years pass.  However, they are passing way too quickly.  I was 51 when we came.  I’ll see 75 in a few months, God willing, as the saying goes.  There won’t be another 24 like the last 24.  Of that I’m certain.

I have no intention of being maudlin in this post, but when you are pushing 75, you look ahead a bit more tentatively.  My parents lived into their late 80’s  My grandparents did too.  I fully expect to see 90 at least, but I’ll not be in the same physical condition that I am now.  Of that, I’m certain.  Like many my age, I spend some time, nearly daily, contemplating how the remaining years will be lived and where.  Health will be the deciding factor.  I’m hopeful that health will allow us to be in Florida for another decade, at least.  But one of the things I’m beginning to realize is that you become more willing to let your body dictate what you can and can’t do.  I still remember my mother saying, when she was 88, that she laid in bed in the morning thinking of all she would do when she got up and then remembered, as she rose, that most of what she had thought about, were beyond her capabilities.  What a bitter realization we all must face.

One of my strong beliefs, however, is that we create our own reality.  By that I mean, we choose our perspective and the life we experience is what we have “decided” to experience.  That’s a harsh assessment, I know.  It paints a pretty negative picture for the soul who is living in a diseased body or the child who is destined to live only a very short life.  However, no one of us can say what any one of us is here to teach the rest of us.  And I think we are on assignment, you and I.  Where we reside is part of the equation.  We agreed to it.  And we will have already agreed to our end, whenever it comes.  That belief makes my remaining years far more peaceful.  There really isn’t anything to fret about when I remember that life has been decided already.  My life and yours too.  Let’s simply make up our minds to enjoy them.  Okay?

2014 can be the best year ever. I plan to make it so.  Will you too?



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