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I invite each of you to enroll in my on-line course.  Tell your friends about it too.  I mentioned it on Facebook, tweeted it,  and in an earlier post, but decided it was good to mention it again because there is no “too late to enroll” when it comes to this kind of class.  The Academy that sponsors the class has each one of the programs as an MP3 download following the class.  The MP3 for last week’s class is available now, and they have assured me that many individuals never attend all of the sessions at the original time but choose to download the programs to listen at the student’s leisure.

Speaking to “an audience” that I am envisioning rather than physically interacting with was a new challenge.  I am a very hands-on person, love to interact person to person, but in this high tech age, I, like all who do workshops, have had to adjust our expectations about how we reach our audience.  Presenting a “workshop” over the phone and on-line is a stark departure.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’d have to say that’s because I feel so committed to the material I present in any kind of setting.  I love what I write about and workshops are simple presentations based on the content of books.

This particular class is based on my newest book: Getting Unstuck, which is a detailed workbook that takes the principles from the book Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow, and guides the reader to explore the effectiveness of their interactions with their many “relationship” partners.  Both books were a joy to write and both of them came straight from my heart to the reader.  I’d have to say that’s been true since book one: Each Day A New Beginning.  I have felt compelled to write every book I have published and for that I am truly grateful.  I know, without a shadow of doubt, that my Higher Power has been part of every undertaking throughout my life.

The same is true for you, of course.  We are not floating aimlessly through the universe.  We are on “a mission.”  One that has been divinely planned for us.  Our part is to trust the process, show up lovingly, and allow God to provide the words we need and the actions that are right for us to take.  Because I believe this so fully, every day is a blessing.  Every day is intentional.  Every person I meet has been sent by God.  My participation is necessary and my role is to be loving, kind, helpful, and humble.  With God’s help, all are possible.  You have been graced.  Go forth in joy.

That’s how I intend to move forward with my class.  Please join me.

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