Getting unstuck, an idea that calls to many. . .

Getting Unstuck is the title of one of my newest books.  It’s a book that called to me.  Actually, I’d have to say that every book I have written, all 27 of them, called to me; but this one felt like the icing on the cake of how to live more peacefully in our relationships. That’s my primary goal in life now.  I want to treat others always in a kind, gentle way because that’s how I want to be treated too.  We do need to show up in the lives of others in a way that would please God.  That’s an easy recipe for peaceful living.

My primary goals in Getting Unstuck were simple ones: let go of other people so they can live their own journey; let go of outcomes, trusting that God always knows the best outcome and it’s already on the radar screen of our life; choose your reactions carefully, remembering that not reacting is the best action of all; give up negative judgments because they infect every attitude and each outcome; take great joy in the gift of powerlessness, it is what frees you of every burden; discover your own lessons.  If you are minding the business of someone else, your lessons will pass you by and then they will have to revisit, often in a more difficult set of circumstances.  Another important goal is to do no harm, to any one at any time.  Make it a decision that you need not make more than once, in fact.  Cultivating the quiet mind is paramount to our journey too.  It’s only in the quiet that we can hear the words of the Holy Spirit, words that are designed to enable us to travel peacefully every step of the day.

Every time I sit down to write I wait quietly for the Holy Spirit to speak.  And throughout my life as a writer I have felt that I was more a coauthor than an author.  The Holy Spirit and I worked in sync.  Always.  It feels good knowing that my life is on a track that includes the Holy Spirit.  The earlier decades of my life were filled with fear and deep angst.  I never knew what to expect in any moment and I didn’t know how to seek the Guide who resided within.  It’s hard to fathom that I was so lost for the first few decades of my life.  How that all changed is still a bit mysterious, but I know for sure that God came for me and said I have a job for you.  I’ve been doing it ever since.  How lucky I feel.  I’m so glad you are a part of my journey too.



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