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Gratitude is a mind changer. . . Acceptance is the pathway.

I am feeling so very grateful presently because a very dear friend got a good report from her doctor this morning.  We all love her so much and have been walking through this illness with her, as much as we can, but you can never quite prepare yourself for the […]

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Who are you listening to ?

I am aware many times every day that I am listening to the louder voice in my mind.  That it speaks first, and quite forcefully, is only part of its appeal.  It’s familiarity and the way in which it convinces me that I AM RIGHT, in far too many encounters […]

The count down has begun. . .

I go into the hospital for hip replacement surgery February 11th.  My gait gives it away to onlookers.  I have been hobbling for some time now.  It began with a simple pain that worsened into a constant ache.  It’s reminiscent of my condition about a decade ago.  It was my […]

We always hear what we need to hear if. . .

I am so often struck by the timeliness of the messages “I receive” at meetings.  My sponsor has said many times that when I am ready, I will hear the message, or the explicit direction from God,  that I have been prepared for.  I used to doubt her, but not […]

Having hope is an inside job that requires practice. . .

Do you want to increase your own hope?  Try these suggestions.  They are guaranteed to work.  Or your money back!! (Get a small notebook that you can carry with you everywhere and be ready to use it) 1. Begin noting how others on your path demonstrate their hope. Do this […]

Seeing our companions as specific to our journey. . .

Have you ever considered how really important to your growth every person you’ve met has been?  Nary a one of them showed up accidentally.  Amazing isn’t it?  I used to believe it was a coincidence when I met some one who felt special to my journey.  Now I know they […]

Breathe when "your plate" is over-flowing. . .

I have been extremely busy lately doing what I love doing; however, being “on the treadmill” without taking time to breathe, to rest, to pray, isn’t healthy.  For me or any one. For a number of week ends I have been on the road leading workshops, an activity that absolutely […]

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