The count down has begun. . .

I go into the hospital for hip replacement surgery February 11th.  My gait gives it away to onlookers.  I have been hobbling for some time now.  It began with a simple pain that worsened into a constant ache.  It’s reminiscent of my condition about a decade ago.  It was my left hip then.  The only time it didn’t hurt was when I rode my Harley.  No Harley these days and the ache is nonstop.

I had thought I could postpone this surgery until December.  I have workshops already committed to and didn’t want any interruptions.  But my body called and fortunately,  there was a window of opportunity that fit me, the surgeon and my workload.  So if you have time on Thursday to blow a prayer my way, I’d appreciate it.

Actually, I have no fear.  I think having been through it before helps, of course, but I also have the faith needed to know that there is a perfect outcome. Whatever my situation might be following surgery, I will be in good hands, as well as God’s hands.  Having constant  contact with God, a gift that I have nurtured for decades, pays off.

As I tell sponsees and friends all the time, we are always prepared for the experiences that wear our names.  Believing that has allowed me to live free of anxiety.  As I told a friend today who has made a big change in her life, she is embarking on a sweet adventure.  Every day is a sweet adventure, for all of us, whether we are doing the same dance or a new one.  Aren’t we a lucky bunch of people?  I sure think so.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  I love our friendship.


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