Change your mind and your life will change too.

The title to this post is similar to the title of one of my books written a few years ago. The exact title of that book is: Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow. It was a book of 12 simple principles that had the capacity to make a profound difference in how you navigated through your daily experiences. Any one simple change, for instance the decision to be gentle in all responses to all people we encounter throughout the day, can thoroughly change how we feel. It also can change how everyone we meet feels too.

Life honestly isn’t as difficult as we create it to be. That’s not to say that we don’t have difficulties of various kinds, some of which are truly dire: for instance, lost jobs, failed relationships, the death of a loved one, chronic depression, any number of unexpected illnesses or set backs. However, nary a one of them has to upend us completely. And everyone of them can be walked through with the ever-present help of the Presence, some call it God, that accompanies us everywhere. This of course means we are never, ever alone. Not only are we in the comforting arms of that presence, every moment; a presence I like to think of as hovering angels, they are whispering “all is well,” within every experience.

We are absolutely in the driver’s seat when it comes to how we experience the events throughout our lives. Blaming others simply isn’t a viable option. We may want to do this, of course, and perhaps did so earlier in our lives; but if that’s how we continue to walk through our lives, we will never know peace. And peace is what I want more of.

Discovering, as I have, that peace is a decision that I can make moment by moment, changes who I am and how I feel every single day. Not being at the mercy of the behavior of others, and not being at the mercy of one’s own ego, is such sweet freedom. A good friend of mine said many years ago, “I can see peace instead of this.” He said it often and every time, I savored the remark. That’s a pretty simple suggestion, isn’t it, and one that can alter the moment and, ultimately, one’s life. The even bigger reward is that every time we employ such a simple idea, we are impacting all the other souls that people this universe too.

What one does, affects all. When you or I change our minds and opt to be gentle, this inspires peace in ourselves and those close at hand. Actually, we are initiating a change for the better in 7 billion others too. Imagine that.



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