Time is slipping through my fingers. Once again.

Perhaps it’s simply a sign of old age. Mondays quickly become Fridays. My “to do” list gets longer and longer and fewer things get checked off. And right now, I am actually not as busy as in the months that have recently passed. As of this past Saturday, I have completed all my speaking engagements for 2016. And I am adding engagements very selectively for 2017.

I do hope my path crosses yours at one of them however. I will make sure my event section on this website has them all listed as soon as I complete this post.  You can count on my doing at least one Writers’ Workshop in Naples this winter, probably in March. And I will do another one in the Minneapolis area sometime during the summer/fall of 2017. Of course I will be doing my annual weekend program for the Dan Anderson Renewal Center at Center City, MN this summer. It will be the last weekend of July.

You can come and see me in California, too, this next summer. I will be speaking at the International Course in Miracles Conference in Anaheim, CA, the weekend of August 18-19, 2017. My focus will be on my newest book, 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles. Be on the lookout for an article by me in the Holy Encounter, published by the miracle center.org. My article will be in the January issue. You can read it online by going to their website.

And last but not least, for 2017, there will be another Writers’ Workshop in Augusta, MO. The date for this next year is September 15-17. This workshop has been offered for 18 years. Come and make year 19 the best of all.

A reminder of how time is passing was the death of one of my brother-in-laws a week ago. He was the husband of my oldest sister, Jo Ann, who is 86, no spring chicken herself. She could use some of your prayers if you have any left over after praying for your own families. She is struggling, of course. They were married 65 years. What she is confronting will confront all of us one day. In any partnership, one passes first. And it’s not easy to say goodby. I am so grateful that I do believe that our loved ones are with us eternally, as silent way showers, guardian angels, ever present inner voices.

I didn’t always believe what I so cherish as a belief now. Knowing my ancestors are as close as I want them to be simply quiets my mind. Even now, as I write this, I can feel my heart soften. I know I need not worry about what my journey will next call me to do. “Others” are in charge of that direction. My job is to trust and move forward with their help. They are in the “wings.”

And by the way, that’s your job too.


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