Gratitude. Need I Say More!!

I have said in more than one place that I was going to write more blog posts, Facebook messages, and explore other social media during this down time when I am not in the midst of another book. I need the structure of writing and I need the connection to my Higher Power. You have all heard me say or read my words somewhere that God speaks to me as I sit here. That’s been true from the first paper I wrote in Graduate School, in fact. For certain I heard God’s Voice every word of the way through Each Day A New Beginning, and every book since then. And I need that Voice to comfort me every day. Simply sitting in silence or praying doesn’t connect me as surely as this does.

Why the topic gratitude today? I lead a chat room for Hazelden Alumni every Wednesday morning and this was the topic I chose for today. And why did I choose it? I needed to be reminded of all that has happened in my life for which I am grateful. I think whether folks are in a 12 Step program or not, counting our blessings multiplies them. I, for one, need to remember this. It’s far too easy for me, even after more than 40 years on this recovery path, to lament what I don’t have or how I am not feeling the way I want to feel. I am not happy enough. I am a bit depressed. And on and on. Nothing gets me in touch quicker than listing a few of the many things that have happened in my life for which I am grateful. And recounting even one a day, before bedtime, allows us to go to sleep in a state of grace. That’s a suggestion one of the men in the chat room made today. I think it’s worth doing. Begin tonight!

What were you grateful for today? Or what have you been grateful for in this past week. Or past year? Or past hour? Don’t let another moment go by without basking in the sun of something you are grateful for, right now.

Look for me here again really soon. I want to share more of my every day journey with you. God wants me to do that too, I think.


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