A virus alert!

I got the proverbial “screaming” virus alert erupting from my computer screen when I tried to go into one of my online accounts Friday afternoon.  “Call this number! Don’t leave this page! Call this number!” And pop ups proliferated. Immediately I turned the computer off, regardless of the admonishments not to. And I called the bank. They assured me they had not been hacked but suggested I head to apple. I did. They assured me my suspicions had been right; a scam.

It’s so disheartening that people spend their precious waking moments trying to figure out how to disrupt the lives of others. Even worse, how to destroy the confidence of others and steal their identity, if at all possible.

The inhumanity toward one another that has been prevalent since time began utterly mystifies me. I know it’s not God created. And I don’t believe in the devil. However, I do believe that the ego, that part of one’s mind that wants to pit us against each other, never rests. And everyone of us is saddled with that ego. Some of us are more adept at sidestepping it than others. However, to sidestep it, we have to WANT TO MAKE ANOTHER CHOICE! Not everyone wants to make that other choice.

I’ve brought up the virus alert this morning, not because it’s all that important itself, but I want to make two points. The first is that the ego does push people to do unkind things to one another. And any unkind thing done by one multiplies. The second point is that fear is so easily engendered when we feel less than adequate to handle an unexpected circumstance. For many, and even for me momentarily, I felt unprepared to handle the solution to the situation.

Years of attempting to hear the quieter inner Voice, gave me a “leg-up” on the situation. But in reality, no matter what comes our way, most of us will experience a moment or two of discomfort, to say the least, until we remember, to remember that their is a way to handle whatever seems to have clouded our journey temporarily. There is a way.

Choose wisely. And choose again if the first choice didn’t quiet your mind.

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