We always hear what we need to hear if. . .

I am so often struck by the timeliness of the messages “I receive” at meetings.  My sponsor has said many times that when I am ready, I will hear the message, or the explicit direction from God,  that I have been prepared for.  I used to doubt her, but not any more.  I do hear exactly what I need to hear but I have to show up in the places I have been called to be, to hear the message.

Isolating myself from others hasn’t appealed to me for years but it used to.  I wanted you to express your desire for my company.  And I felt sorry for myself if you didn’t.  Frankly, I was a codependent wreck.  Isn’t it nice to be able to see how much we have grown?  To know that we no longer do what we always did is such a thrill and it’s the surest way to signal to the God of our understanding that we are ready for the next message.

I was at a great women’s meeting this morning and fear was the topic.  It is still fresh for many.  It’s nice to be able to assure those people that it will leave.  I know from personal experience.  God replaces our fear just as quickly as we strengthen our faith in him.  Fear and faith cannot coexist in the same mind at the same time.  One will supercede the other.

How I wish that as a child I had been told that God was present to comfort me.  That all I had to do was think of him.  I don’t know what messages you received at home but we generally imitate those we live among.  What I observed was fear.  What I became was fearful. Remembering that they did the best they could is important.  However, it’s also important for us to take responsibility today for making our lives all that they can be and this means being willing to hear the messages that are meant for our ears.  And this means, being present in those places where the messages are being offered up for our benefit.  Now.


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