Being more hopeful is a daily decision, if hope is lacking in your life . . .

Simple things we can do now to change our perceptions and become more hopeful.

1. Ask God for help.

2. Let go!

3. Surrender to God what ever is demanding your attention.

4. Do one thing to inspire joy in some one else’s life every day!  And make a note of this in a small note book.

5. Choose kindness in every encounter and feel it change your heart.

6, When feeling hopeless, recall a fond memory and allow it to change your perception.

7. Make a gratitude list to help you recall the good that has already happened.  Make this a daily exercise.

8. Praying for others will change your heart.

9. Peaceful acts promise to create more hope in us as well as the world at large.

10. Using a gentle voice can create more hope in us and others too.

11. Embrace change.  God is present to help in every instance.

12. Welcome “every messenger.”  You both have volunteered for the lesson.

13. Honor all others in tiny ways.

14. The universe would shift if every one of us walked away from one argument today.  Only one!

15. Remember: Whatever is happening is part of the unique plan that is tailor made  for the journey we have selected to experience.

16. And last but not least, meditate on this:  IF I AM STILL ALIVE, I HAVE NOT YET COMPLETED THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH I WAS BORN.

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