Mary in the Morning. . . with Heather Daniels

Just wanted to alert you all who are reading this that I will be on the above named show that will stream on the web from 6:30 to 7 AM Eastern time on the 15th.  If you are up that early, tune in.  The show is out of Traverse, MI.  we are going to talk about my new book: Cultivating Hope.  I am so pleased with the attention that book is getting.

Hope is in short supply these days for many people.  Those of us who have some need to consider holding it out for those who don’t.  In that way, we can all feel comforted.  We must give away that which we want to hold on to.  What a glow that sends around the world.  to whom will you extend hope to today?  Be of generous spirit.  Mother Teresa said always be kind and start with the person standing right next to you.  What greater expression of hope can we offer?

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