Well, with help, I did it. . .

My first You Tube is now available on Google, thanks to a very good friend.  We always second guess ourselves, don’t we.  My first reaction was surprise; my next reaction was: My hair looks awful!  And then I had to strain to hear it.  Obviously the volume was turned down on my computer, and I didn’t  realize it.  All things to be improved upon in the next attempt.

As we have all been told so many times, practice results in progress and I intend to make progress.  Just doing it feels  like a major achievement, however.  Adding this to the many new things I am attempting has lifted my spirits.  Blogging, tweeting and now a You tube.  Those of us reading this who are sprouting some gray hair, never let it be said that we can’t learn how to do new things.  With the support of friends and remembering that we have “a presence” always available to help us along, makes the rough terrain smooth.


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