Reflections in the Mirror – You and Yourself

Getting grounded again.

It always takes some time to get grounded when I move from Naples in the winter to MN in the summer. I have made this trip back and forth for nearly 30 years, which actually means about 60 trips. Egads! But Joe and I consider ourselves extremely lucky that we […]

I have not reached perfection but progress has been made.

I am talking, of course, about my recovery from hip surgery. It was a month ago this coming Friday that I went under the knife. The surgeon said he was amazed I was still walking prior to surgery. It was with great pain, I assured him. I had been getting […]

Back up and running!

Thanks to the able mind of my web host, I am functioning again. It’s truly disheartening when someone takes over your site and prevents you from connecting with your friends. Some folks have cold hearts I think. They deserve our prayers, however. Everyone deserves our prayers actually. Even though I […]

Another return to Minnesota.

I write this post from my study in Prior Lake, MN, our summer residence. It’s with much sadness, each spring, that we say goodbye to all our Florida friends. However, in four short days on the road, we get to say hello to all our friends up here.  We are […]

Being attentive to our own lives.

I have found that it’s very easy to deny how “attached” we are to the presence of the others who are journeying with us. It’s surely never wrong to be attentive to the presence of the many others around us. In fact, being attentive, witnessing the lives of others, is […]

Ireland? Really?

By the time you read this, I will be in Ireland visiting with a good friend and accompanied by one of my eight sister-in-laws. (My husband has seven sisters.) We aren’t planning on any big sight-seeing tours. Geraldine lives there and Mary and I have both been to Ireland and […]

Stepping away for a spell . . .

It has been nearly two months since I last posted a message. I am truly sorry for my long absence. Like so many of us, I occasionally fall into a funk. This one seemed pretty deep. Actually, it was pretty deep. I knew it would eventually go away. It was […]

Every problem has a solution: God as we understand Him.

It’s with great relief that I believe the title of this post. Not so many years ago I would have scoffed if someone told me to go to God with a problem. I can still hear my words. “Are you kidding me? God? I think not!”  How recovery has changed […]

Visitors offer a good test of one’s peace of mind.

My niece and her husband were just here visiting us for a few days.  We had a great time. I am so glad for my recovery because it has helped me to maintain my peace of mind in all circumstances.  I don’t mean to imply it was difficult with my […]

We are always at the right place at the right time.

This isn’t a new idea. I have written about it before.  So have hundreds of other writers too, no doubt. It’s an idea we also hear in meetings. And it’s one of those ideas that gives me a moment to pause and feel grateful, as well as relieved, so very […]