Ireland? Really?

By the time you read this, I will be in Ireland visiting with a good friend and accompanied by one of my eight sister-in-laws. (My husband has seven sisters.) We aren’t planning on any big sight-seeing tours. Geraldine lives there and Mary and I have both been to Ireland and to her home many times. She more than me. However, I am sight-seed-out. I want to chill by the fireplace, read a couple of books that have been waiting for me on my iPad, eat great food, drink delicious coffee, and savor the freedom from working.

As I said in my last post, I do love the work I do. I also love the times in between deadlines. And I am considering, while writing this, on committing to fewer deadlines in the future. I am wriggling my toes in the idea to see how it feels. I don’t think I will ever stop writing. There is really no reason to. But the plane trips to lead workshops feel a bit more daunting each one I commit to. Not the actual workshop, and definitely not the warm interactions with the participants; but the travel to and from. That takes a bit more out of me each time I go.

And while saying that, I just made a commitment to speak in Spain at an AA conference in October, 2017. So don’t take me entirely at my word. haha I will be a bit more circumspect, however, before saying yes. How can a person say no to an all expense paid trip to Spain though? Indeed. This person couldn’t.

Back to my “time off” in Ireland. One thing I am hoping for, as do most travelers to Ireland, is sun. More of it than rain. My very first trip there was in  1989. It was a business trip and although I didn’t know quite what to expect, weather wise, I had been warned. I dressed appropriately. Wore a winter coat too even though it was fall. My overnights were in a bed and breakfast.

There are many of those in Ireland, of course. I was shown to my room, small but nice. Quaint, in fact. But soon after going to bed I was freezing. I got up, donned my winter coat and went back to bed. Within a very few minutes, I got back up and pulled the rug that was on the floor on to the bed, on top of me. That still didn’t warm me inside. The next morning the proprietor asked me how I slept. I was very truthful. In her Irish brogue she said, “My goodness. I think I forgot to turn on the heat in your room.” I wasn’t sure I believed her. Had she actually forgotten or was that a cost savings measure? I never stayed with her again.

I know that experience won’t be repeated this trip. Geraldine has promised warm covers, a burning fireplace, if we need it, and lots of comfy throws to wrap ourselves in while lounging by the fire. It will be a great trip. and when I return, I will catch you up on all the experiences. Actually, I hope there are very few. Just quiet times, good reading and some warm sun.

More later.




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