Back up and running!

Thanks to the able mind of my web host, I am functioning again. It’s truly disheartening when someone takes over your site and prevents you from connecting with your friends. Some folks have cold hearts I think. They deserve our prayers, however. Everyone deserves our prayers actually.

Even though I am not in the middle of writing a book currently, I can feel myself racing within. The holidays have a way of affecting me like that. I do have my house decorated but no gifts purchased. And no card created. May not get them out again this year. Darn.

But life is good. I have no real complaints. There are the proverbial aches and pains of my 77 year old body but my mind is mostly peaceful, and that’s a blessing. So many people  live in perpetual dis-ease. I know that “place” well. I used to inhabit it too. But giving my life and will over to a loving God makes each moment a gift. Some days, for sure some moments, I have to remember to remember that God is as present as my willingness to call Him to mind. It’s truly madness when I choose to forget. And choose is exactly the  correct word!

I know full well that the best way for me to find peace within is to offer the hand of peace without. It’s a simple choice, a simple gesture, a simple give and take. We always get back what we offer others. We do create the world we want to inhabit. We can’t blame others for our circumstances. Now or ever. In the present or the past. We are dealt the hand we sought and we can change it’s circumstances by inviting the power and love of God to help us walk forward.and through any situation that has been invited, forgotten perhaps but invited nonetheless.

For the rest of this day, for this week perhaps, see how many times you willingly offer the hand of peace, a loving smile, a quiet prayer to the folks you encounter on your journey. They have not wandered your way accidentally. They are your opportunities to be the expression of love you were created to be. Our work “here” is really quite special. We are God’s emissaries. Our job description is not complicated at all. And every time we do our job well, we change the moment for someone else.

We are change agents. And every time we change a moment for someone else, we are securing a more peacefilled moment for ourselves too. What really can be better than that?


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