Every problem has a solution: God as we understand Him.

It’s with great relief that I believe the title of this post. Not so many years ago I would have scoffed if someone told me to go to God with a problem. I can still hear my words. “Are you kidding me? God? I think not!”  How recovery has changed my life. And absolutely for the better.

I have come to believe that every thing that happens has been “charted” to happen, and every person I meet, I agreed, at another place and time long forgotten, to meet. I don’t need to fret about any situation, unless I choose to. Worrying can be a response I no longer make. Trusting that I will always be in the right place, learning what I next need to know, is comforting. Very comforting.

Perhaps these are ideas you don’t believe yet. There is no time table for what we need to learn. Or believe. And in fact, we don’t ever have to share in the belief that God can help us handle any situation that faces us. In fact, God does not need us to believe in Him to make His presence felt. God simply is. Our belief or not doesn’t change the truth of His presence. And that’s a truth I now cherish.

Until I walked into the rooms of recovery in 1974, I was convinced I was very much alone. And the thought that “all these people in these rooms” believed in a Higher Power made me pretty uncomfortable. I was quite satisfied as an atheist, not understanding that my lack of faith in a God of any kind was what made me so anxious, so fearful about what might happen next in my life. That there was a plan unfolding in my life was too farfetched for me to accept.

Believing in God as the solution for the struggles I may create in my life has lessened my need to struggle.  In fact, believing in a God of my understanding has changed how I respond in every situation I face and with every person I meet. Can I claim never to feel a bit anxious? No. However, any time I am fearful it’s only because I have momentarily forgotten the truth of my life.

What is true for me is true for you too. And you don’t have to agree for it to be true. The payoff of believing it, however, is that you can be “easy” about your life. You can be peaceful every minute rather than fretting over an outcome that will be perfect, even though you can’t control it. Trusting in a God as the solution for our life problems frees us. This trust has freed me to live, day by day, with the comfort that my experiences are perfect for who I am “being groomed to be.”

What a no brainer life is, when we understand how it actually unfolds. Wouldn’t you agree?




  1. For some reason, somehow, today, I found this page via Facebook posts (which I rarely keep up with, frankly, feels like work – another topic another day). Been around for–well, I have the 1982 Each Day A New Beginning–not continuously, but long stretch now. Been struggling with “God” concept again … feels more serious than it did in early sobriety, though, because the struggle is more embedded.

    That being said, I loved reading this because it reminded me of my very first sponsor(Patti B.- Miami, circa 1983-6, who I have tried to find, but no such luck) who helped me so very much regarding beliefs, just know it is, don’t analyze, utilize, quit the debating team, etc. “….does not need us to believe … to make His presence felt…” Just what I needed…makes it less dire (surely a sign of impending relapse I seem to hear others imply if not right out say) to be struggling or not have the Santa Claus version any more, nor is my automatic and deep-felt repulsion when I hear others speak of their Higher Power as such as powerful. What does it matter, thank you very much, just TRY, Be OPEN to feel it, see it, whatever IT is…Your writing has given me the boost I long for, to just be, don’t disbelieve, but it’s okay to not have the old beliefs working, just stay on course.

    I used to wholeheartedly believe life was “charted”. Not so much anymore. Bad things do happen to sober people, and slowly but surely, they have eroded some of my former beliefs (which, yes, okay, makes room for new ones, yeah, yeah, i get it). HOWEVER, as Patti B. taught me so many years ago, I do trust…life is my spiritual classroom…just learn daily; when I quit learning from the most unexpected places/people, that is when I am truly in trouble and ask this Force I am not at all sure of to please help me get back on track.

    The “thoughts” are oftentimes the distinguishing marker of belief since without “thought”, how may one believe at all? So, yep, sometimes just knowing I can “think” is a sign of a Force greater than myself. Complete contradiction of “Don’t Think” but not really in context.

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