Stepping away for a spell . . .

It has been nearly two months since I last posted a message. I am truly sorry for my long absence. Like so many of us, I occasionally fall into a funk. This one seemed pretty deep. Actually, it was pretty deep. I knew it would eventually go away. It was the result of a medication problem; however, when a funk sets in it can feel like it will never leave. This one felt very much like that and I certainly had no words of wisdom to share.

As a matter of fact though, I do believe it is wise to own our feelings, thus share them, all of them. Even when we don’t like them. Perhaps then most of all. I did share my struggle with friends at support meetings. I didn’t isolate myself, but I just didn’t have the energy to write a blog post about my condition. I have been on this recovery path for more than 40 years so I’m inclined to think, “I shouldn’t be here once again.” But for those of us who are long timers, I think it’s especially valuable to share our struggles. Life isn’t always what we want it to be. But it is what it needs to be, always, for our greater good.

What I mean by that is our lessons are woven into our experiences and lessons are often unappreciated at the time they are happening. There is a reason for them, however, and in time we will understand why they “came calling.” As the result of my sharing my depression at meetings, both AA and Al-Anon, many came up to me and thanked me for sharing so openly. I know we all need to hear how others are really doing. Daring to be courageous in this way is a gift, to those who are present and to the person sharing the truth.

I am happy to share that the depression has left. The medication problem got sorted out. And I feel like myself once again. Thus here I am, writing a note to all of you. I truly appreciated the notes from you expressing concern about my “whereabouts.” Having others in our lives who take notice when we aren’t around is such a gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The best thing I can say about this recent “set-back,” is that I was able, once again, to receive confirmation that all really was happening in divine order. And now I can share, even more honestly with others, that depression makes its mark for a reason. And no one has to lose hope. No one. Knowing that you have my back and I have yours is such sweet comfort, isn’t it?

If someone close to you seems depressed, share my story with them. It just may help.


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