We are here only to be truly helpful. . .

How very quietly this reminder sets the stage for both a peace filled and a joy filled day. I have found this simple prayer a perfect way to begin every morning. Life is really meant to be this simple, I think. Asking one’s self, moment by moment, if what we are about to do or say is truly helpful to the circumstance or the person in our presence, guides us to do only what really should be done.

It reminds me of the question I have heard many others voice: “Is what I am about to do consistent with what God would have me do?” When the answer is no, we must make another decision. Quickly. We are always being guided to make the right decision, should we choose to listen to the small inner voice, the one that is loving and kind, the one that is quiet though ever present.

If we stop to think about it, what could be simpler than to live our lives from the perspective of always offering help to those many individuals who have chosen to cross our path. No one is present accidentally. No one. That may be hard to believe, particularly when the person who is standing before us is difficult in some way, perhaps argumentative or controlling, maybe even violent. But if we practice the idea that our assignment is to be helpful, even in a tiny way, we will bring calm and benefit to the situation. We will. This I know to be true from experience.

It’s seldom about taking large actions, I have concluded. It’s about making small gestures, offering simple suggestions. We aren’t present to “do” someone else’s life, just help it along. That’s all. And helping it along isn’t ever more than we can muster. Remembering how we might want someone to show up for us is probably good guidance to follow. Acting as a witness to another’s life is quite often all that is expected of us. Just being present, being calm, being kind is the most common assignment.

The really good news about being helpful is that all the help we give comes back to us. All of it. Not necessarily in kind, perhaps, but in some form. The scales are balanced. Always, eventually.

We are here to be truly helpful. We are. Are you ready and willing to do your part today?




  1. This is the last post for a long time. I have been missing your posts. Is everything all right?

    • Hi Anne,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I have been “away” from my blog for a time. I have been in an emotional slump and I have a deadline for another book that is looming large in my life so when ever I have felt like writing, I have tried to work on it. thanks for your concern. I honestly love that you wrote and asked if I was alright.


  2. Karen,

    Great words as always at the right time. I find myself fighting to not give or to do so grudgingly due to annoying characteristics of another and feeling that they do not deserve it. The energy it takes to fight it is exhausting why do I do it?? I need to dig deep down and give with no expectations or thoughts of their worthiness and to quit with the judgments for I am no better than they, I have enormous faults I am sure. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason and I struggle with the ones that come that are not so easy to accept. But I have noticed that those difficult people are the ones that I learn the most from if I would only open my heart. Thank you so much for sitting me down and speaking to my heart as always you are so appreciated with your wisdom. God Bless!

    • Hi Roni,
      Your comment is worthy of it’s own blog post. You have great awareness of yourself and others. Thanks for continuing to connect with me.

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