The view from here is awesome. . .

As I mentioned in my last blog, Joe and I were headed back to MN for the summer months.  We arrived safely yesterday but the trip feels longer and harder every year.  That may be the advancing age and the fact that we travel in a Ford Escape, a great little car but it’s not equipped with all the creature comforts.  We may choose another option for getting it, and us, both south and then north next year.  But sitting down on our dock this morning, watching the ducks paddle by and the sunnies moving through the weeds beneath the dock made for a pleasant beginning to the morning and this opportunity is available for the next five months.  It was quiet, only a few fishing boats to break the silence as Joe and I sat, soaking up the peace that is so available in the stillness.  It got me thinking about  my gratitude.  So many things make me grateful.  Having just picked up my 34 year chip at my home AA group in Florida is just one of the many blessings I feel.  Having a great life partner is a special blessing too.  And so is having a host of wonderful friends both in Naples and here in MN.  And all this has become possible because 35 years a friend suggested that I seek the guidance of Al-Anon and that opened the door to a whole new way of seeing and feeling and believing and best of all, of behaving.

I am still working on the behavior part but I figure every day that I make a choice to walk away from an argument, every day that I make the choice to offer my hand kindly to another, every day that I remember to ask God for guidance; I will be adding benefit to the world around me.  And there’s no greater contribution that I could make.  And I’m pretty certain that’s God’s will for me.  Do you know God’s will for you?

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