Reflections in the Mirror – You and Yourself

Reviewing the “old tricks.”

A funk had settled over me.  I wasn’t hopping out of bed with much enthusiasm.  The dread of old had settled in.  Again.  For how long this time, I wondered.  This experience isn’t new.  It’s a common theme for me, actually.  Sometimes it feels like I pay more than an […]

Defining our boundaries, AND THEN LIVING ACCORDINGLY, cultivates peace of mind.

In a response I received from an earlier post, a request was made for my thoughts on boundaries.  This topic has been rolling around in my mind ever since.  I’ve found myself questioning what it is that I really believe.  What does my own behavior reflect? It’s a word that […]

I’m in a quandary. Sort of . . .

I have a doggone good life.  I have a great profession that has blessed me in so many ways.  How many of us actually get to spend our lives doing what brings us pleasure every day?  I am one of those individuals.  Shortly after finishing my Ph.D. in 1979, my […]

We get just what we need. Really?

How many times have I repeated this phrase to a friend, a sponsee, a family member?  More times than I can count.  And I believe it.  For them.  And occasionally for me too.  However, I am struggling with a situation currently that I am not ready to embrace as something […]

Resilience is a time honored trait.

Resilience is a compelling trait. It’s standing tall rather than hanging our heads and shuffling away when the invitation to give up beckons.  Resilience is saying, “Yes I can,” in the presence of those who doubt us.  And it’s never succumbing to the forces of defeat that may be all […]

Growth requires that we remain teachable.

I have never fallen away from my 12 step meetings.  In fact, I go to more meetings a week now than I did when I first came into the program.  Because I attend both AA and Al-Anon, I usually get to five meetings a week.  Some might think that at […]

When the unexpected happens. . .

I got an email this morning from one of my frequent blog post readers.  She brought to my attention that my website had disappeared.  How very fortunate that she and I had written to each other directly on occasion which made it possible for her to reach out to me […]

Life principles I adhere to . . .

1. Come to appreciate that every person on one’s path is a learning partner. 2. Every argument is about fear. 3. No relationship is accidental.  Be grateful. 4. Make the choice to be peaceful rather than right. 5. When others around you are not kind, they are afraid. Be kind […]

75! A Milestone.

Blowing out the candles on a 75th birthday cake nearly took my breath away.  Not because there were so many candles.  Actually, there was only one.  Thank goodness.  It was simply the awareness of my age coupled with the realization that the years were slipping away all too quickly.  Years […]

Time passes so quickly. . .

I looked at the date of my last post and was shocked.  It has been over a month since I connected with the readers of this blog.  Please accept my apology.  Travel took me away from this particular task and then regrouping after all the travel took it’s toll too. […]