Time passes so quickly. . .

I looked at the date of my last post and was shocked.  It has been over a month since I connected with the readers of this blog.  Please accept my apology.  Travel took me away from this particular task and then regrouping after all the travel took it’s toll too.  I am becoming a bit more aware of my aging body every trip, it seems.  My dilemma is that I love, absolutely love what I do when I am on the road facilitating workshops.  Connecting in such an intimate way with the thousands of women and men over the years has fed my soul.  It has fed my curiosity, my willingness to go the extra mile, and my commitment to continue honing my own spiritual program.  When there are that many payoffs for doing what I do, it’s not an easy decision to do less of it.

Doing less is what I have under consideration, however.  I don’t ever want to quit doing what I do completely.  And having a book underway is a must.  But keeping as many balls in the air as I have juggled these last 10 or 12 years isn’t realistic.  What does change look like, for me?  That’s the big question.  And that’s where my focus is drawn to.

Some would consider this a no-brainer.  Retirement calls to many so easily.  I never wondered what it might mean to me.  I have never contemplated it with much sincerity.  Writing is such a joy for me, why would I ever quit?  And standing before a group of women, sharing what I have discovered to be true for me, brings me such satisfaction, that it has never felt like real work.  The body has begun to rebel though, and that’s what I am forced to acknowledge.

What really got my attention in these matters is that my last workshop was presented in Jacksonville, FL and the morning of my keynote I awoke and quite literally had no recollection of where I was.  It scared me.  I probably was only in this “cloud,” for 12 or 15 seconds, but that was long enough.  It got my attention big time.

And that brings me to the realization that my future needs to look a bit less busy than my past.  I want to experience having nothing on my calendar to prepare.  No trips to plan for.  I need to know what it’s like to wake up and say, “God, you direct.  I will follow.”  And then sit back and wait.  Simply wait.  And trust.  Simply trust.




  1. Jenny Bauer says:

    Your honesty always just blows me away. I miss you terribly and know this has been on your mind for a while now. Remember the movie field of dreams when he said ” build it and they will come” perhaps you could just find a field and announce where it is and we will come. I want to thank you for the love and faith that you give to me and to all of us that follow you. Today I will believe in me as much as you do. Safe travels.

    • I know I sent you an email but I wanted to respond here too. Just got a new iPhone. The 5s. Driving me nuts. Calendar items didn’t sync. Paid another visit to Best Buy. Got help from one of the “children.” Love and miss you lots.

  2. Marin Shanley says:

    Karen…As you contemplate crafting a new dimension to your journey, I know that YOU KNOW that you have all you need to continue to have an expansive and fruitful life, no matter what the actual activities (or lack of) are. I’m sending you hugs and tons of positive vibes as you envision what comes next. You are such an inspiration to so many of us!


    • Dear Marin,
      Your words mean so much. I do agree with you. All will become clear. I trust that even though I’m currently in the stage labeled “uncertainty.” Thanks for caring enough to reach out to me.

      Blessings on your path.

  3. Thankyou Karen for giving back to your program so passionately. I check back every few days for your writing. I pray between you and God that you make a decision for yourself that is best for you. I do however pray, selfishly(haha) that you come to omaha to speak one day. You and your writings have been a big part of my recovery and I’m forever grateful for you and all you do. As you once told me, blessings on your right to choose( what is best for you)
    Much love, angel

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