Those who cross our path . . .

I have spent long hours thinking about and then treasuring all the encounters I have had in my nearly 75 years of living.  In my youth, it never dawned on me, of course, that the people I met “had been sent;” had been part of the divine journey that was mine and only mine.  Even as a young adult I didn’t understand why my life was unfolding as it did.

Now that I know the “back story” as a result of reading the books of Caroline Myss, I have had reasons, many of them, to revisit my past.  Reviewing the myriad memories, focusing specifically on those experiences that had seemed difficult to accept at the time they were happening, gave me a much needed opportunity to realize why a situation had happened; what it taught me; how it fit into the rhythm of my life.  Every thing fits!  That’s the key fact here.  Our lives are like jigsaw puzzles.  Every thing fits!

I’m telling your story here too, you know.  What was/is true for me is true for you too.  It matters very little if we don’t want to believe this, and we surely don’t have to like this fact of life.  Nonetheless, it’s true.  Absolutely true.  And deciding to accept it as right, as well as good, makes our lives far more understandable.

I’ve realized that accepting this has made my life far more exciting too.  Nothing happened by chance.  And nothing will ever happen by chance.  No matter how disconnected some experience feels or looks at first, I now know it will fall into place and make sense.  Very soon after happening, it will make sense.

I’d like to suggest you try a little experiment here.  Choose two or three past experiences that you weren’t very fond of.  Write them down in your journal.  Then close your eyes for a few minutes and ask the God of your understanding to help you see the purpose for those experiences.  If an explanation doesn’t rise to your awareness, look closely at what was happening right before the experience, as well as right after it.  Those experiences should provide some data to help explain the memory.  If you still feel at a loss, this might be a good question to pose to God and then drop this note in a “God Box.”  In time, understanding will come.  At least this has been my experience.

The most difficult of all my experiences became understandable at long last because I was willing to accept the explanation.  Forgiveness, how to offer it and how to receive it, was my lesson.  In fact, over the intervening years since the abuse occurred, I have seen how necessary the practice of forgiveness is to any person seeking a peaceful journey.  And that’s my goal.  A peaceful journey.  What’s your goal?




  1. Karen – I just found your site and I am very happy that I have. I have been reading your words of wisdom thru Hazelden for quite some time and decided to see if you had a website–and here you are! I agree with your comment that ‘nothing happens by chance’. I have seen the hand of God in all the happenings of my life – both good and bad. Each ‘bad’ event has molded me into the woman I am today. And though I wish some had not happened to me, I know there is a purpose in all things…even if I can not discern what the purpose is. Presently I am in the process of walking with my husband thru his final journey. He has melanoma and was told he has 6-8 months to live. We are both deeply spiritual and are turning to our faith for strength to see thru the darkness. But I believe with all my heart that he is exactly where he is supposed to be….as am I. If I accept that we are right where God wants us to be….then we can release our fear…our sorrow…our anger and know that all will be well. I do not look forward to life without my husband….but I know I will survive like thousands have survived before me. And I know I am never alone. Thank you for your treasured insights and remarkable vision. I enjoy you so! Namaste.

    • First, let me say you are a beautiful writer. Second, I’ll keep you and your husband in my prayers. Your outlook will see you through every experience with strength and peace too. Thanks for checking my website.


  2. Nathalie DArcangelo says:

    I was thinking yesterday about all of the women who have crossed my path of seventy seven years . As I allowed the stages of my life to roll , I saw each how each of these women contributed to who I am today. Not all influences were positive, however even what I considered negative were lessons I needed to experience in order to arrive at the next stage of my life. It began with my Mom, Grand-mothers, Aunts and sisters. I thought back to my early “best friend”, who I stay in touch with, the love and acceptance that we shared. Female teachers, who encouraged and provided me with positive feelings about myself. I was on a roll, as if my life was a film in progress. It took me through my years in nursing school, more friends who have stayed by my side, with love and support. I have gratitude for them all, even when competition or criticism entered into our relationships. Each situation helped me grow .As Karen said, “nothing happened by chance”. My life continues on, influenced by a variety of women ,each with their individual experiences and the lessons they will bring to me as I complete my journey.

    • I am so pleased that you commented. It’s so appropriate of all of us to honor in some way all those women, and men too, who have helped us on our journey to NOW.

      Please write again.


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