Just do the next right thing . . .

How many times daily are you faced with a situation where you aren’t sure what the right action or decision is?  No doubt multiple times.  At least I’d have to admit to that in my life. And yet, when I pause, even for a moment, I feel nudged in one direction or another.  I have learned to accept that nudge as “the next right thing.”

Like so many of my friends, in the “rooms” and elsewhere, I don’t actually hear the Voice of my Higher Power.  I do think he/she is ever present, however; and I do think the subtle feeling I get to act is the messenger calling to me.  That pleases me, in fact.  I am not operating “in the dark.”  I simply have to be willing “to listen” in a very special way.  The guidance for what I should do next is always just a moment’s pause away.

I have learned over the years that doing “the next right thing” might entail doing nothing.  Action isn’t always called for.  In many instances, the most loving and right thing might simply be remaining still a moment.  And allowing others to solve the riddles in their own lives is quite often the next right thing.  We aren’t stand-ins for God.  When others look to us for what they should do, listening is likely the “rightest thing” we can next do.

Doing the next right thing pertains to my actions only.  For some of us, particularly someone like me who loves being in the midst of others’ lives, it’s a necessity to remember, hourly, that what is expected of me is very little.  Listening is never over-stepping the boundaries, but doing any thing else quite often is.

Being a good listener is not to be discounted.  Ever.  It may be the most important gift we can offer on a particular day and indeed, may allow the friend or stranger, additional insights so they can actually do the next right thing in their own life.

Being able to trust what our inner feeling is telling us comes with practice.  It’s not uncommon, or wasn’t for me at least, to make mistakes, acting when I didn’t need to, interfering where my input wasn’t necessary, speaking up when my advice wasn’t requested.  The learning curve is steep in most areas of our lives and that’s not a judgment on us at all.  We learn by increments what works best in all situations.  Learning  to do the next right thing, and only that, can be a big curve.  Taking it slow is fast enough.



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