One’s path is divine. . .

I wouldn’t have agreed with this idea prior to recovery.  I wasn’t “a believer.”  Random acts ruled, as far as I was concerned.  I don’t remember any more when I began to shift my perspective.  Perhaps I had grown ready for the change in thinking when I came into Al-Anon in 1974. At least the talk about a Higher Power didn’t scare me away.  I’m guessing I was simply so tired of searching for security that what was offered in this new spiritual concept seemed pretty good.  At least it didn’t scare me off.

And now I can’t imagine trying to live my life without the constant assurance of the loving God I now feel certain is present, always was present and will remain present forever.  I shared at a meeting just today that I believe I am in the mind of God, just as securely as I place God in my mind.  Never will I be outside of His mind.  Nor will He be outside of mine.  I know now too that this was ALWAYS TRUE.  I DIDN’T HAVE TO BELIEVE IT TO MAKE IT SO, EITHER!  Writing that and repeating it to myself is like wrapping a soft comforter around my shoulders.  All is well and always will remain so.  ALWAYS.

I meet others on this path we share who simply can’t feel this presence I know to be constant.  And my knowing it’s constant in everyone’s life doesn’t change the experience for some nonbelievers.  Everyone has to find their own way to the knowledge that God is always within us.  Just as I had to.  But our prayers can help one another.  When Pat appeared at my door, a stranger to me, I knew when she left that she had been sent.  That she was “on assignment,” and her loving words, specific words I simply had to hear, changed my mind and heart completely.  I have never doubted God’s presence since then.

I can’t deny that I continued to occasionally stumble on this path that was designated for me, but every stumble was the result of my self-will. God’s will always brought me back to where I needed to be.  Life is good.  Every experience is for our good.  Every person we encounter is for our good too.  We meet who we “asked” to meet.  We learn what we need to know.  Nothing happens haphazardly or by chance.  Everything will occur in it’s right time.  And we will have been prepared for it.  Doubt not that his will be true for you.  This I am sure of.  Rejoice.  You are where you need to be, now and always.


  1. Karen
    I read this a month ago and read again today as I am facing a medical challenge, thank you so much for your words of wisdom to help me to rely on my faith not my fear to lead me in thie pre-ordained path that our always present God brings us to and will surely bring us through with him always at our side step by step. As I go throughout the day the Serenity prayer has been by my side and brings me peace in whatever may come.
    God Bless you, you are an Angel!!

  2. Amen** beautiful lKaren* anxiously awaiting your next 🙂

    • Hi Angel,
      I have been out of the blogging loop for a spell. Lots of travel for workshops, etc. Energy simply ran out. Glad you are “out there.”

  3. Karen…I only now have gotten around to reading this entry and, as always, it’s so very inspiring. Beyond that, however, your words are warming, just like that soft comforter around the shoulders that you mention. Once again, I thank you.

    • Hi Marin,
      What a joy reading your comment today. I’ve been a bit blue, and out of sync with my “guardian angels.” I need to remember today to wrap that comforter around my shoulders again.

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