Cultivating hope in ourselves and others is a worthy endeavor. . .

Get a small notebook that you carry with you everywhere and be ready to use it.

Begin noting how others on your path demonstrate their hope.  Do this for a month.  Imitate them, in fact.

Keep track of the times you extended love/hope to some one else over a seven day period.  Note what effect this extension has on you.

Practicing gratitude cultivates hope and a changed heart.  At the end of each day for thirty days, write about your experiences.  What changes in yourself do you see?

List the times you know, without a doubt, that God was present in your life.  This will help you continue on your hope-filled journey.  And keep watching for Him!

Our interactions with others are always intentional.  Write about some of these that the passage of time has revealed to you even though you didn’t see “their value” at the time.  This revelation assures us that our journey is divine and hopeful.

Choosing to be peaceful rather than argumentative is an act of letting go.  Can you recall some of these times of late?  How does this action give you hope?

Deciding to refrain from reacting, smiling instead, changes the dynamic of any situation and hope is born within us.  Practice this action and then write about its effects on you and others.

We are never given more than we can handle.  Share some examples of how your personal life has been a testament of this.

See only the good in others for the next seven days.  This isn’t easy but when some thing comes to mind that isn’t “good,” discard it for some thing that is.  Write down how this changes your heart.

Hope is contagious.  When you perceive it in others, how are you affected?  Keep track of this experience for a few days.  Share what you observe with a sponsor, a sponsee, or a friend in order to extend hope even further.

Think about your relationship to your quieter inner voice.  The cultivation of that relationship would cultivate more hope too.  Make a plan in this regard.

Accepting others as they are is the surest way to peace.  It guarantees being more hopeful too.  The decision to do so may need to be made daily.  Who do you need to work harder to accept?  How will you begin?


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