Life principles I adhere to . . .

1. Come to appreciate that every person on one’s path is a learning partner.

2. Every argument is about fear.

3. No relationship is accidental.  Be grateful.

4. Make the choice to be peaceful rather than right.

5. When others around you are not kind, they are afraid. Be kind any way.  Only one person has to be kind for the situation to change.

6. Understand that any expression that is not loving is a call for healing and help.  Offer only love.

7. Make the decision to no longer see one’s self as unfairly treated.

8. Rejoice that we can be hurt by nothing but our thoughts.

9. Act, don’t react.

10. Being loving even once a day transforms us and everyone else too.

11. Seek to understand every situation from the “others’” perspective.

12. Every experience is an opportunity to embrace a more peaceful path.  Cherish it.

13. Every learning partner is offering us a lesson we need.  If we “decline it” it will come again.

14. The effects of every action are exponential.  Be careful!

15. We can not change the world but we can change our mind about the world.

16. For a more peaceful mind and life, shift one’s perspective as often as necessary.

17. Troubles are wonderful opportunities to strengthen our ties to God.  Be thankful for them.

18. Practice feeling and expressing gratitude.

19. Reaching out takes the focus off of us.  Try it daily.

20. We are where we need to be.  Always. Pay attention.

21. When a door closes remember that God is offering a better opportunity.

22. Make the decision to do no harm.  Ever.

23. If the thought you are protecting wouldn’t be pleasing to God, think one that would.

24. Making amends creates peaceful lives and loving relationships.

25. Forgiveness is the key to peace.

26. Take no hostages.

27. God has every answer we need.

28. Don’t let the mood swings of others determine how you feel.

29. Powerless is a cherished gift.  Appreciate it.

30. There are two voices in our minds. One is ALWAYS wrong.




  1. Thanks so much for listing principles that remind me what is really important! So appreciate you, your life example, and wisdom. Super grateful you are in this world sharing your gifts and love!!

  2. Thank you for being a personal and spiritual leader.

  3. I love these 😉 you are on a roll !!! And so helpful 😉 thanks Karen

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