When the unexpected happens. . .

I got an email this morning from one of my frequent blog post readers.  She brought to my attention that my website had disappeared.  How very fortunate that she and I had written to each other directly on occasion which made it possible for her to reach out to me with this information.  You might imagine my first reaction.  Yikes.  What to do next.  What I discovered when I went to the sight was that my domain name had expired thus I had been shut out.  How to remedy the situation was above my pay grade.

The primary reason this was initially troubling was that my webmaster guru died a few months ago and he had set it up and handled the renewals, if in fact there was a process for doing that.  Fortunately a woman I used to work with at Hazelden was reachable and she just happens to be the webmaster for Hazelden.  She was able to go “behind the scenes” and find out who the domain holder was so I could go direct to them.  Finally, it was all sorted out.  I am up and running again or you wouldn’t be able to read this post.

The amazing thing about this entire process is that for once I remained calm.  I was able to practice what I so often preach: that everything is in divine order and will work out as it should.  So often when it has come to my computer and something has gone awry, I have been very unsettled; certain that the problem was bigger than me, unfixable, expensive, and disastrous.  I remained calm and a couple of phone calls sorted it all out.  “Listening” to what I so often preach paid off.

I can’t say I really get it if there was an actual reason for it happening but the practice for me to simply trust in a process rather than get all uptight was good.  This must seem like a pretty lame post in comparison to so many of mine but very human problems deserve attention too.  This was one of those.  I am so relieved that there was a simple solution, and that my friend, Linda, was available to lead me to it.  Life is best lived in community with others.  I am grateful that Linda is part of my community.  This is further evidence that isolation can keep people stuck and sick.  Seeking to connect with others offers solutions, healing, and hope.

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  1. Thank god your site is back up 😉 I love the message of peace you share;) and todays post about peacefully accepting life on life’s terms 😉 wonderful

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