Circle of Family and Friends – You and Your Personal Community

Fall is nipping at my toes. And I don’t just mean the season following summer.

It’s an overused phrase, and perhaps all too simplistic, but the clock is ticking, at a faster pace, every hour it seems.  Does this matter?  Perhaps not to many of you, but I love life so much, every breath of it, and I hate seeing it slip so unstoppably fast […]

We are needed where we are. Always.

Early in my 12 step recovery a sponsor assured me that it wasn’t an accident that I “landed” in AA.  She firmly believed that there are no accidents, no coincidences either, on our way to wherever we show up.  Even though I doubted her at that time, I didn’t argue. […]

Those who cross our path . . .

I have spent long hours thinking about and then treasuring all the encounters I have had in my nearly 75 years of living.  In my youth, it never dawned on me, of course, that the people I met “had been sent;” had been part of the divine journey that was […]

One’s path is divine. . .

I wouldn’t have agreed with this idea prior to recovery.  I wasn’t “a believer.”  Random acts ruled, as far as I was concerned.  I don’t remember any more when I began to shift my perspective.  Perhaps I had grown ready for the change in thinking when I came into Al-Anon […]

When a friend is in need. . .

At the present time I have a very good friend and sponsee from the north visiting.  She is dear to my heart and has been for all 25 years of her recovery.  I met her at her first AA meeting, in fact, so have been able to observe her throughout […]

Our connections to one another are what heals the planet. . .

Over the years I have received hundreds, actually thousands of comments about the various blog posts I have written.  It’s my guess that you don’t really think that your comment is any thing very special, but I want to assure you that the opposite is true.  So very true.  Knowing […]

Contentment: a state of mind. . .

Are you content, right here, right now?  If you aren’t, (and I surely don’t claim to be content every moment, ) then you have some work to do.  It’s our responsibility,  and only our responsibility, to reach a place of contentment moment by moment.  When we put the burden on […]

The holidays are edging closer and I’m thrilled about it.

I am often the only person in a collection of friends who is genuinely happy that Christmas is heading toward us, at full-speed.  I have loved every aspect of the holidays since childhood.  Is it because I grew up in a healthy, happy family?  Not really.  But we did seem […]

Step aside. And experience a miracle in the making.

I began the practice of “stepping aside” only after years of stepping into business that was clearly not my own.  I had mistakenly assumed that helping others make their decisions was an important “calling.”  It showed them I cared.  It was my way of remaining important to them.  Or so […]

Having the willingness. . .

Nothing changes in our lives unless we have the willingness to make another choice about how we see a situation or a person whom we have encountered.   Perspective it’s called.  And that makes all the difference regarding what kind of day we will experience.  The good news is that […]