Our connections to one another are what heals the planet. . .

Over the years I have received hundreds, actually thousands of comments about the various blog posts I have written.  It’s my guess that you don’t really think that your comment is any thing very special, but I want to assure you that the opposite is true.  So very true.  Knowing that we have made a connection is the encouragement I need to keep reaching out to you.  It’s also the very act that adds a bit more healing on this very pain-torn planet.

As we reach out to each other we are joining hands around the globe, making the circle sacred that touches each of us. This may sound mysterious or too esoteric but the intent for everyone of us who share this planet is to make connection, with some one, some place, some time.  And for every connection that is made, another human is healed.  On any one day of living, how many connections do you imagine that you make?  Whom ever is sharing your home, come first to mind.  Then the servers at the corner restaurant where breakfast is ordered daily on your way to work.  Your work colleagues come to mind next.  And finally your friends with whom you share the evening hours.  In all, perhaps 80 to 100 connections are made every single day.

There are many repeaters on consecutive days.  But there are new additions to the circle most days too.  And for each greeting, another heart is healed.

So little is asked of any one of us in this effort to make this planet a more loving place.  All that’s really asked is that we treat one another kindly, the way each one of us would like to be treated.  Mother Teresa suggested many years ago that we should always “be kind to one another and start with the person standing next to you.”  If even one person in each household practiced this once every day, the universe would shift.  We have it in our power to make this world we share the “heaven on earth” some long for.

Let’s make a plan together to do our part to begin this shift to a better, more loving universe.  First, let’s agree to begin each morning with a quiet prayer to be a more loving soul.  Then let’s agree to say a silent but loving prayer for everyone we share our home with.  Next let’s agree to offer the hand of kindness to the first person we see after departing our home for the day.  And next let’s keep a running count of the number of individuals we greeted with kindness or said a silent prayer for as the day progressed.  The more each of us do, the better each of us will feel.  Are you willing to do your part to make this world a better place?

The time is now.  Let’s go forth in gladness.


  1. Thank you karen 😉

  2. Wonderful idea, Karen – I’m in!

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