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What needs our attention comes calling. . .

The title of this post can mean many things, I suppose.  In actuality, I do think that whatever tugs at your mind, regardless of who you are and where you are in your life, is the next thing that should get your attention.  This is true if you are sitting […]

Just do the next right thing . . .

How many times daily are you faced with a situation where you aren’t sure what the right action or decision is?  No doubt multiple times.  At least I’d have to admit to that in my life. And yet, when I pause, even for a moment, I feel nudged in one […]

We meet again. . .

How very sorry I am that I have been away so long from blogging.  I periodically get caught up in other avenues of my life and let this connection with you slide.  It’s not because I don’t care about this activity.  I love writing, of all kinds, in all settings. […]


“Wow!” supposedly was the final utterance of Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, according to his wife.  Whether that’s true or not, I choose to believe it.  The affirmation that there is something beyond this world, something worthy of a wow, pleases me.  I already believed it but we seldom get a […]

Let go is a constant assignment. Constant!

How little I understood the concept of “letting go” when I first saw the slogan: Let Go, Let God, on the wall of an Al-Anon meeting nearly forty years ago.  It sounded so simple.  I didn’t consider myself “attached” to any one or any thing.  In reality, my feelings, thus […]

“I am here only to be truly helpful . . .”

This is the first line of a prayer that I say every morning.  And I use this line as a “stand alone” throughout the day when I feel uncertain about the situation I am faced with.  I believe, completely, that each person on the planet is here to be only […]

Defining our boundaries, AND THEN LIVING ACCORDINGLY, cultivates peace of mind.

In a response I received from an earlier post, a request was made for my thoughts on boundaries.  This topic has been rolling around in my mind ever since.  I’ve found myself questioning what it is that I really believe.  What does my own behavior reflect? It’s a word that […]

We get just what we need. Really?

How many times have I repeated this phrase to a friend, a sponsee, a family member?  More times than I can count.  And I believe it.  For them.  And occasionally for me too.  However, I am struggling with a situation currently that I am not ready to embrace as something […]

Remaining enthusiastic becomes a choice . . . doesn’t it?

I think enthusiasm for some element in our life is the key to having the desire to get up everyday.  And as the years pass, particularly as we enter what for me has become the final stage of life, I know I must have passion for doing something not attempted […]

Taking stock, measuring up.

Probably everyone reading this post has made a lot of mistakes over the years.  Life isn’t always pretty, at least mine wasn’t.  It’s not expected to be, in fact, but far too many of us never quit blaming ourselves for mistakes of the past.  For some of us every mistake […]