Circle of Family and Friends – You and Your Personal Community

We are needed where we are. Always.

Early in my 12 step recovery a sponsor assured me that it wasn’t an accident that I “landed” in AA.  She firmly believed that there are no accidents, no coincidences either, on our way to wherever we show up.  Even though I doubted her at that time, I didn’t argue. […]

Those who cross our path . . .

I have spent long hours thinking about and then treasuring all the encounters I have had in my nearly 75 years of living.  In my youth, it never dawned on me, of course, that the people I met “had been sent;” had been part of the divine journey that was […]

One’s path is divine. . .

I wouldn’t have agreed with this idea prior to recovery.  I wasn’t “a believer.”  Random acts ruled, as far as I was concerned.  I don’t remember any more when I began to shift my perspective.  Perhaps I had grown ready for the change in thinking when I came into Al-Anon […]

When a friend is in need. . .

At the present time I have a very good friend and sponsee from the north visiting.  She is dear to my heart and has been for all 25 years of her recovery.  I met her at her first AA meeting, in fact, so have been able to observe her throughout […]

Our connections to one another are what heals the planet. . .

Over the years I have received hundreds, actually thousands of comments about the various blog posts I have written.  It’s my guess that you don’t really think that your comment is any thing very special, but I want to assure you that the opposite is true.  So very true.  Knowing […]

Contentment: a state of mind. . .

Are you content, right here, right now?  If you aren’t, (and I surely don’t claim to be content every moment, ) then you have some work to do.  It’s our responsibility,  and only our responsibility, to reach a place of contentment moment by moment.  When we put the burden on […]

The holidays are edging closer and I’m thrilled about it.

I am often the only person in a collection of friends who is genuinely happy that Christmas is heading toward us, at full-speed.  I have loved every aspect of the holidays since childhood.  Is it because I grew up in a healthy, happy family?  Not really.  But we did seem […]

Step aside. And experience a miracle in the making.

I began the practice of “stepping aside” only after years of stepping into business that was clearly not my own.  I had mistakenly assumed that helping others make their decisions was an important “calling.”  It showed them I cared.  It was my way of remaining important to them.  Or so […]

Having the willingness. . .

Nothing changes in our lives unless we have the willingness to make another choice about how we see a situation or a person whom we have encountered.   Perspective it’s called.  And that makes all the difference regarding what kind of day we will experience.  The good news is that […]

Before getting involved in someone else’s life we need to ask ourselves, is this my business?

Detachment is simply watching the events that are unfolding around you, getting involved only when your journey is part of the experience.  Not reacting to the people or the situations that so easily attract our attention is not an easy skill to develop.  And skill it is.  We must practice […]

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