Availability to the needs of others blesses us too. . .

Some of my dearest friends are facing tough situations right now.  Being present to listen, or to hold them in prayer, or simply to serve as a witness while they make the journey that is quite specifically theirs to make is why God has “arranged” our meeting in the first place.  I can still recall how I used to think an idea such as this one was simply too far-fetched to even consider as a possibility.  And now it guides my thinking every day.

Being open and willing the allow new ideas to inform us is part of the necessary journey we are on, I think.  Nearly every idea I hold dear today has been cultivated over these many years I have walked along this spiritual path.

I saw a movie a few years ago that really brought clarity to why we are “here” in one another’s lives.  It’s to serve as a witness.  Being seen, being known, being accepted is what we hunger for and when we can’t find it, we begin looking in all the wrong places.  I certainly sought it through alcohol and drugs, unhealthy relationships, and workaholism.  Then I found the pathway to real meaning through a relationship to a Higher Power and connections to the kind of people who really do “sign up” to serve as our witness.

Being the witness to a friend on our path isn’t a one-way street.  It’s very much a two-way street.  We reap what we sow.  Not a new idea, is it?  Be alert today. Your attention is needed by many.  Start with the person standing closest to you.


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