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Availability to the needs of others blesses us too. . .

Some of my dearest friends are facing tough situations right now.  Being present to listen, or to hold them in prayer, or simply to serve as a witness while they make the journey that is quite specifically theirs to make is why God has “arranged” our meeting in the first […]

Who have you helped recently?

Helping others is one of the greatest opportunities that presents itself.  Most of us experience joy when we have been able to ease the journey for some one else. But there does come a time when we have to ask ourselves if we are helping or hindering the journey another […]

Health Care Reform is hailed by all! April fools!!

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the entire country found something in the new law to make them happy?  I have thought a lot about this reform lately.  Considering all the discussion on cable news, it’s been hard to avoid thinking about it.  I can’t say that I understand the myriad […]

Loving thoughts never fail to heal. . .

EVERY LOVING THOUGHT IS TRUE. EVERY THING ELSE IS AN APPEAL FOR HEALING AND HELP.  This particular spiritual principle has become very important to my peace of mind. It gives me a simple shorthand for interpreting the experiences I am having. For much of my life, I was quick to […]