Rightmindedness is a decision. . .

Perhaps you are wondering what I mean by rightmindedness?  I think of it as the alignment of our mind with the will of God.  Something that I started doing some years ago was asking myself if what I was thinking was what God would want me to think and if it wasn’t, seeking God’s help in changing the thought. This simple exercise has been quite helpful and it has improved my relations with others.  It really doesn’t take more than a second or two to ask the question, and the answer comes ever so quietly but instantaneously.  My job is to listen.

Making the decision to change our thoughts, making them more loving, changes our behavior and when this becomes habitual, as it will, our relationships will reflect the love we are cultivating in our hearts.  I’ve referred to the wisdom of Mother Teresa on many occasions in my writing and workshops because her words were simple and yet powerful.  To paraphrase her, be kind and start with the person standing next to you.  If every one of us made this choice even once a day, the universe would shift.  Seem farfetched?  It’s not.

The power of one has been referred to by many great philosophers as well as the more ordinary among us. Might you be willing to practice being “that one” today?  Begin with the first person who comes toward you.  Think “God-like” thoughts and then seek to behave only the way God would want you to behave. There is no better work that you could do this day, for these fellow-travelers, and for your own peace of mind.  Be that change you want to experience in this tumultuous world.  And rest-assured, it will be with God’s blessing.


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