The joy of unexpected outcomes. . .

My family has been here visiting all week.  There was a time in my life that I’d have been overwhelmed by anxiety over what could go wrong; how discussions could go awry; how to control the always uncontrollable when it comes to other people, the weather, the news cycles that could lead to tension and on and on.

When I face this honestly, in the far distant past (from childhood on) I was always on pins and needles trying to control what could never be controlled.  I still want “to go there” some times, but I have learned that that door is closed! Tight.  And I consider that a blessing now.  For many years I did push against it  but my attempts were futile.  Now I no longer bruise my shoulder even trying.

Isn’t it a joy to simply let things be?  To let God be in charge of the encounters, the outcomes and the relationship developments?  I know I am not always as willing as I sound right now in this blog to follow my own suggestions, but even letting go once a day gives us a few moments of reprieve.

I did let things be throughout this week.  And actually, when I review the week, there isn’t one change I would make.  Laughter filled out home, great conversations were enjoyed, memories were recalled and new ones were made. What more can a week with family provide than that.

I want to reiterate  before closing this blog: there was a time I’d have contributed to making memories that were not so good.  I’d have encouraged arguments that didn’t need to occur.  I’d have reacted to situations that didn’t call for any reaction at all.  My lack of peace would have sent family and friends scampering for cover.  Thank God, literally, that I have had a change of mind.

May your upcoming family experiences be rife with good memories too.


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