Deciding to be grateful can change the tenor of every moment. . .

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day but I feel a strong sense of gratitude every day of my life.  I have recently started another 4th Step inventory, recalling fond memories from my childhood.  The less fond ones don’t need my attention any more.  But I do think each memory, those painful ones as well as the happier ones, have served a very important role in my life and for all of them I now practice gratitude.

Who ever we are today is a composite of the entire drama of our lives.  And I like who I have become.  Being able to say this is very important I think.  And if we can’t say it, perhaps that’s the best indication that we have some work to do.

Developing gratitude for the many experiences that seemingly “just happen to us,” is a good place to begin liking ourselves better.  And this includes being grateful for every person who crosses our path, every telephone call we receive, every person who cuts us off in traffic.  Every moment is God-given and seeing it as such and showing our appreciation for it as well, gives us a new perspective on life, ours and that of others too.

When you gather around the dining room table tomorrow, take the time to invite every one to share at least one thing they feel grateful for.  Hearing from each other’s heart in this way, not only softens our own, but expands it too.  What a special way to grow.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you reading this.  I am so grateful you are part of my journey.

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